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"Here in Dürnstein you can also find a store called "House of colors".

With many one of a kind handmade items.

The owner specializes in handmade jewelry.

Some is made with hand spiraled silver or gold thread

and other pieces are made with actual pearls & beads from Italy.

You can also find ornaments, clothing and of course an array of handmade arts and craft. Here the owner loves to speak with the customers and find out where you are from.

And try the handmade Real Apricot Rabbitshit from the Wachau Valley.

It truly is a great experience."

Written Info in the daily program by a famous River Cruise Line



"All my Artwork is handmade - totally local - nothing from China!

All made by me!"

"Love of color is a sign of a good mental health."

Slogan & Motto proclaimed by Corinna Kirchhof 

Artist - Boss - Shop owner

Fashion & Lifestyle

Designed & Handmade


Corinna Kirchhof

Dürnstein 75

Am Prangerplatz

House of colors - Handmade Art since 2009

Fashion & Lifestyle Designed & Handmade by Corinna Kirchhof


Hand Painted

Leggins - Shorts - Beachbags - Shopping Bags - PD Bags - Scarfs - Neckscarfs - Pictures - Aprons  Ornaments - Christmas Decoration - Characters


Hand Made

Jewelry - Necklaces - Necktires - Earrings - Bracelets - Rings - Bangles - Hairclips - Hairslides Sunvisor - Sunglasses


Designed & Printed

T-Shirts with long or short sleeves - Sweatshirts - Hooded Sweatshirts - Bags - Aprons - Scarfs


All unique pieces - nothing from China.


Open 8 days a week

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday




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