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Dürnstein in the Wachau Valley

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Handmade Art by Corinna Kirchhof & more special local products from the Wachau valley

Fashion & Lifestyle Designed & Handmade by Corinna Kirchhof


Here you will find all the creative products of Corinna Kirchhof.

Right in the centre of the city of Dürnstein.

Coming from the Steiner gate on the main road you can go down to our Shop.

Left hand the way goes down to the Pillory, to the Hotel Richard Lionheart, to the Hotel Restaurant Blondel and to the Collegiate Church of Dürnstein as well as to the old Bader House.

At the old Monastery wall.

Dürnstein 75 - at the Pillory.

Right in the heart of Dürnstein and the Wachau.

Central Market Square

South Terrace

Fashion & Live Style

! Nothing from China !


Google Street View / House of colors - handmade Art by Corinna Kirchhof / Dürnstein - Austria


Here you will also find a fine and exclusive program with apricot products.


Made from the famous Wachau apricot by small traditional local and regional companys. Joined in the cooperative "Wachauer Marille e.G.

Natural products at a fair price. Pure and clean. Delicious and healthy.

Apricot to taste - smell - eat - drink - enjoy - pamper.

Apricot jam - Apricot liqueur - apricot brandy

Hand-made Apricot chocolate from delicious to delicious.

From the 1st Kremser chocolate factory since 1836 Hagmann.

Real Apricot Rabbitshit from the Wachau valley©.

We look forward to your visit in Dürnstein. See you...

Of course creative - refreshing & fruity.

At any time and in any season.

Dürnstein 75 - At the Prangerplatz - in front of the Pillory

Real Apricot Rabbitshit from the Wachau Valley©


This is the one and only "Real Apricot Rabbitshit from the Wachau valley©"

Coming in a metal box with more or less 90 pieces of yummy fun in.

And you can drink while eating, because there is local Liqueur and Jam from the Apricot in this handmade chocolate drops.

Fresh collected by us this morning. Especially for you and your friends.

Finally only available here in our Shop.

House of colors - handmade Art by Corinna Kirchhof.

Because the idea to create this yummy chocolate comes out of our brain, Conny & Bernd.

Made with love.

Hope to see you soon for a free tasting


for listen to the very old and modern funny fairy tail behind....the only true one?!

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