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End of Season 2019 - Shop closed for Vacation

4. Jan.–15. März

The 2019 season in Dürnstein is now over. The last River criuse ships ended their New Year's travels in 2020 and we have closed our shop at the Prangerplatz. We would like to thank all of our customers, guests, visitors, fans and friends as well as partners, tour guides and suppliers for a great year 2019. Special thanks goes to our artist Conny for her incredibly great creative ideas. We will use the short break, among other things, to give our shop an optical lift and to streamline our product range. Conny is already implementing new ideas. Hope to see you all again in Dürnstein in a few weeks. Until then, have fun browsing our website and ordering from our web-shop.



"Real Apricot Rabbitshit from the Wachau Valley©"

€ 9,50

Now its online! You can order our Real Apricot Rabbitshit from the Wachau Valley© Via our Online Shop.

This is the one and only "Real Apricot Rabbitshit from the Wachau valley©" - coming in a metal box with more or less 90 pieces of yummy fun in. And you can drink while eating, because there is local Liqueur and Jam from the Apricot in this chocolate drops. Fresh collected by us this morning. Especially for you and your friends. Finally only available here in our Shop. House of colors - handmade Art by Corinna Kirchhof. Because the idea to create this yummy chocolate comes out of our brain, Conny & Bernd. Produced and hand crafted by the 1. Chocolate Manufacture in the Wachau. Made with love. See you soon for a free tasting and for listen to the very old and modern funny fairy tail behind....the only true one!!!

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House of colors - handmade Art by Corinna Kirchhof.
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Space Sale for some unique Pieces

made by Corinna Kirchhof.

We need space for all the new ideas from Conny.

So we have some wunderful and nice unique pieces with dropped down prices.

For the first time we give out our printed Sweatshirts for Women and Men for a low budget price.

Different handpainted or printed bags.

Hand painted Shorts.

Printed T-Shirts for Women, Men and Kids.

Only in our Shop. Not online.

Come in and take a left, 2 steps down - there you will find big deals!

See you.

Giftcards - Brand new - Giftcards

This is a digital gift card.

After the purchase, you will receive an email with the gift card and instructions on how to use it.

The card can be used as payment for any products we have.

The gift card cannot only be redeemed in our online shop.

You can also shop with us in our Shop in Dürnstein.

Repayment is not possible.

You can choose between the following amounts:

€ 50.00 / € 75.00 / € 100.00 / € 125.00 / € 150.00 / € 175.00 / € 200.00 /

€ 225.00 / € 250.00 / € 275.00 / € 300.00

To gift your loved ones and make them happy.

Please have fun.

First time - Jewelry Hairclips - matching to our range of unique Jewelry

Jewelry Hairclips

Hand made by Corinna Kirchhof
Manufactured with special wire for jewelry.
Are not heavy. Non-fading. Allergy free.
Please pick your style and color.
Each Hairclip is unique one.

One of a Kind new Style 2020


Handmade by Corinna Kirchhof
Manufactured with special wire for jewelry.

Mixed with polaris pearls, glass beads and... handmade in Italy for us.
Are not heavy. Non-fading. Allergy free.
Please pick your style and color.
Each necklace is unique.
The cord made out of Satin you can close where ever you like with a doppel knot. So you can up and down with the neckline of your Top.
Pictures by Corinna Kirchhof

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